When my buddy Andrew encouraged me to start a blog I was pretty reluctant. I eventually came around, but I decided that I was not going to be satisfied with a solitary venture. Just too much of a vacuum, and while I have confidence in my opinions I like it best when I’m surrounded by the new ideas of people far smarter than me.

With that in mind, I’ve encouraged my friends to contribute here. I was lucky to share this space with Chris Giblin for several months; right now he’s largely moved on to bigger and better things, but may drop by from time to time. In the past I’ve had my friends Mike, L-Town, and Brian all contribute. In the future there should be more to come.


  • Cosmo: A recent college gradaute with degrees in politics and history, Cosmo started this site to stave off crippling depression triggered by his job prospects. An ardent gamer, ultimate player, Packers fan, and whiskey and beer enthusiast, Cosmo’s diverse interests are matched only by his desire to exposit wildly and incoherently on them.
  • Chris: A recent college graduate and ascending writer and satirist, Chris both captained over a wildly successful Ultimate Frisbee season his senior year and watched with conditioned pessimism as his reviled Jets failed once again to advance to the Super Bowl in the postseason*. Chris brings thought and wit to all things sports, pop culture, and satire.
  • Mike: A Wire devotee, TVR major, diehard Patriots fan, and thouroughly ok Ultimate player, Mike joins us from time to time to comment on pop culture and sports.
  • L-Town: A superlative frisbee player, her athletic prowess is matched only by her wit.
  • Brian: Brian’s a rabid sports enthusiastic, strongly opinionated, and as loud as he is persuasive and on point. He’s also a killer Ultimate handler.

*I wrote this before the Jets failed to qualify for the post season again this year; I think it will remain an addendum until it stops being true.