I’m starting this blog because I have a lot of free time, and if I want to go to grad school I feel like I should probably try to stay reasonably sharp. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep it up, but we’ll see.

Like all good ideas, the prospect of starting a blog came from someone else after we had both had more than a few glasses of whiskey. There was some danger, as there always is with ideas conceived in the hush and dark that go along with 2am, of the project withering and dying in the light of day. Upon reflection, I decided to put aside my disquiet about the pretentiousness of announcing my thoughts to the world, and embrace it as something that might be a bit of fun. Here’s hoping.

This blog has a conscious policy of not defining what it’s about: I care about vastly different things all the time. While I understand that politics and political theory directly affect me every moment, that does not change my passion for things relegated by most to past times: video games, movies, tv shows, books, etc. The best of each of those subjects incorporates the political which permeates our reality-and, if what we talk about isn’t always “important”, well fuck it. We do what we want.

More than anything, I want to craft a blog that delivers passion. I’m pretty bad at communicating that in the way I write, unfortunately, but you can rest assured that if I’m talking about it I feel strongly. More importantly, for things worth talking about that I am unqualified for, I am trying desperately to bring in friends to write, most of whom are far smarter than I am…One way or another I hope a hallmark of this blog will be sincerity, however misguided it may be. Sincerity of the kind engendered by conversations at 2am bred on a bottle of scotch. Happy drinking.