#Packers Prediction

by Cosmo Houck

At this point in the season, obviously the cat’s out of the bag in terms of me being a Packers fan (not that I ever made much effort to maintain objectivity). In that light, as a fan of one of the best teams in the league, I’ll weigh in when my opinion on the Packers differs from the conventional wisdom. I think the Packers lose this week. Our offensive line is mangled–our starting RT will be T.J. Lang who has been very good as a first year starter at LG, but has a checkered history at tackle, and the replacement LG will be Evan Dietrich-Smith who has little experience as a starter. Faced with Chicago’s excellent defensive line, that’s enough to spell trouble. Coupled with little to play for beyond home field advantage, I think I see a loss brewing. You say the Bears start Josh McCown? The Pack struggled against Kyle Orton last week. Aaron Rodgers won’t have much time in the pocket, the receivers no time to separate from press coverage, and the running game will be frustrated as the Bears’ defensive line dominates the game.

Does this bother me? No. Short of further injuries, chalk up the Packers’ first play off game as a win. In McCarthy I trust.